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You roll up to Kununurra/Broome etc. CPL-ME-IR in hand. NVFR and DG too. Your polite, we'll dressed and punctual. You also have some life experience behind you but you are still under 25 years old. Thought you would have a half decent chance right?


Some cocky little you know what with only a CPL and 180 hours gets hired. Next a guy who looks like he just rolled out of bed every time you see him gets hired too. Then two guys who turned up yesterday have got an interview!! There seems to be no pattern as to who gets a job around here. That is pretty much how it goes.

If you don't get an interview whilst the main hiring is going on there isn't much point hanging around. If they were interested they would have called already.

One company in WA a few years ago advertised for low hour guys whilst there were at least 20 guys waiting in town!

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