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Clive Palmer versus Truss and CASA, Regulatory Reform

Best bit of news I have heard for a while, Clive Palmer is showing some interest (seeing the political possibilities??) in the shambles that surround CASA.

"Aviation safety" is a very emotive issue, and we all know that our performance is not as good as the "rose coloured glasses" official view.

Given the unfinished business of multiple critical reports going nowhere, all about aviation safety shortcomings, and CASA/ATSB, this is a potentially highly charges politically for somebody like Palmer, if they are smart enough to push it!

In short, headline stuff, the lifeblood of political life for PUP.

Palmer is just the person to put a bomb under Warren Truss, and get some real action (as opposed to a bureaucratic whitewash) on the Forsyth report.

And all the other problems besetting the aviation sector, driving the sector into the ground.

Nothing but political pressure will shift the Minister into action, Palmer is just the person to create that pressure on Truss.

After all, Palmer has a number of aircraft, he could not not be aware, and I can personally vouch for the fact that, prior his election, he had shown personal interest in some specific aviation problems in Queensland.

More to the point, some of our industry colleagues, who are not politically dead from the neck up, realise he is one of the few avenues to get some action.

Make this small start move, by writing, calling or talking to Palmer's staff.

Tootle pip!!
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