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There are two connections here that we need to think about.

Firstly; am I right in thinking that the Police force which over a decade and more ignored the sex crimes being committed by gangs of Pakistani youths and men is the same force that decided to raid Cliff Richard's house on the say so of a single unreliable informant, and to do so with a posse of 8 thugs who needed 5 cars to get there?

Secondly; it occurs to me that the Pakistani youths and older men involved in the Rotherham crimes are exactly the same in many respects as those who become "jihadists", probably a concept that they actually understand little about, with the common feature that their lives and actions have the single purpose of getting as much sex as possible, and necessarily doing so at gunpoint or under some other duress. The mass capture and imprisonment of girls in Syria and Iraq by these people has that sole purpose.

It must be infinitely more exciting to rape - in the name of Allah - a terrified, half-dead 12-year old tied up in a room in Northern Iraq than to have a solitary Islamic w**k in front of a computer in a sordid bedroom in Rotherham.

Perhaps if the media, and genuine Muslims, would (correctly) stigmatise these so-called jihadists as the sex-obsessed scum they really are we may see fewer deciding to have a go. On the other hand, it may encourage a few more "Muslims" to get out there and join in the fun.
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