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Rudderless, clueless and nowhere to hide.

The mystique of aviation safety has always in the past provided sanctuary, a nice big rock to slither under from where stern edicts and warnings could be issued, to baffle the 'masters' and ensure the trough was always full. Easy game and being as how the Polly's mostly could care less, provided their arses were covered; all was well.

Rudderless; when the safety rock was disturbed there was a great need to re-establish the status quo, to do this some form of credibility needed to be regained, quick smart. The stumbling block was that from the top down to about layer two, there was no one left to show the way or lead the tribe back to the promised land, not with any sort of deniable credibility that is.

Clueless; left to their own devices and forced to meet away from safety rock, little groups got together and cobbled together twisted, convoluted little plans, designed to make them shine in the eyes of those who were looking at eradication. Lot's of silly little plots designed to show that 'the authority' was still in control and business was really as usual. The safety watch dog at work. So, the rule book was dragged out and changed, the notion being that when industry rejected it, with much tub thumping and self faradisation, the Regulator could return to it's customary role as 'the authority'. Then there's the CVD tribe, a nice safe little 'safety' drum to bang on, which should garner some kudos – it is after all a 'safety issue'. Some even decided that the naked safety risks posed by 'Angel flight' would provide the vehicle to stardom and re-establish the lustre on a soiled reputation. Not to be outdone, the airports and runways boys get an outing; more dust kicked up....Clueless? Oh yes...

Nowhere to hide ; except behind the skirts of the minuscule and the trusty watchdog. This, while providing temporary shelter is not a secure, long term bolt hole. The minuscule will only stand firm provided the opposition forwards don't push too hard. With an acceptable means to pass the ball to the backs, the minuscule will unload rather than get tackled and embroiled in a ruck. He needs to be fit and uninjured for the big game in Qld.

Aye well, the second half kicks off next week in a parliament near you, there will be some pre game entertainment before the kick off; but sooner or later, the whistle will blow for the start of play. I just hope the game justifies the price of the ticket. We shall see.


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