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You might well be right in thinking that it could be a gear collapse with engines running (or whilst taxiing even?). I never flew the Hastings but it is my understanding that the tailplane on the Mk.2 was increased in span and mounted in a lower position on the fuselage than the Mk.1.

This looks like a Mk.2 to me. I have been through the Mk.2 write-offs and can't find one that fits so my guess is that the aircraft was rebuilt and returned to service.

Is there anyone out there who can decipher the radio callsign? That would tell us which airframe was involved. The way it worked was:

MOGCJ could be translated as follows:

M = British military aircraft
O = Transport Command
G = HP Hastings
C = Squadron or Unit
J = Individual aircraft

So, if someone out there can translate the last two letters, then we might be able to find the story from the aircraft's record card (F78).
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