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Does CP stand for Cathay Pacific or Cadet Pilot?

Hi guys,

Its been approximately two weeks and four days since I return from flight grading, during this time people continuously came to me for tips and what not whether that be the keyboard or real life. Lets cut to the chase; I am finally stressed out... The last four days were just as frustrating if not more frustrating than the final hours before Stage 1B and 2.

I tell every concerned applicant who come to me the last few months the same thing: "go meet up with your stage buddies", which to me at the time was the best therapy for anxiety. Sharing our knowledge and desire to fly was the most stress relieving activity any applicant can do. The sense of belonging and mutual-reassurance got me through most of the selection, and its a treasure that I will hold onto for a long time. Yet, it can also be a fragile and short-lived moment.

I am blessed to have ever resilient Stage 2 and flight grading comrades, that I know will not give up upon rejection by CX, that I know still have a chance to be in the skies someday. Yet I kept picturing myself in similar position, will I be strong enough to make a quick recovery and apply as soon as time allows? Will I be able to risk the same humiliation?

I feared rejection... not lying... and I will fear applying and re-living the nightmare if that happens. I told the HR otherwise during 1B, but as always, its easier said than done.

My Stage 2 and flight grading buddies, the people I help on and off the scenes, whoever I shared with my dreams and hopes; it will delight me to see them fly, but knowing that part of me is with them it hurts to see them fall. And that is precisely the reason why the adrenaline stopped coming after Stage 1B; it is hard to continue without some people.

To all my friends,

I pray you catch up someday and fulfill your dreams. Do ask me for a hand at your will.

God Bless

That goes for all of you. See you in the skies.

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