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Waiting, for practice.

Apart from gifting CASA a subterranean, lethal weapon with a 'third' tier which is 'unnecessary' instead of an 'Advisory' method of compliance there is little to dispute coming from AAAA, AMROBA, AHIA and RAAA etc. All seem to be supporting the Forsyth report to the hilt. It is encouraging that even the 'traditionalist' Brits have seen the light. Bravo.

There is even a whisper that the Rev. himself is contemplating rolling up his sleeves and pushing, which is a sustainable rumour; a man like that would want to see 'his' report put to work, see the job done as it were.

Could someone turn on the miniscule's desk lamp; he might just see the piles of paper-work and get on with the job. Anytime soon would be good.

Is today DAS day???

Toot toot.
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