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Well possibly (in answer to PN, playing Devils Advocate), 1.We are partly responsible for the current crisis in that we left a terrible vacuum, and I believe many in the world community are even now still looking for the USA and the UK to supply some sort of answer and lead (both also being Permanent members of the UN security council). 2.We are a committing our Armed Forces to humanitarian aid in a very dangerous part of the world with a real risk for the aircrews/SF involved- is this not worthy of recall alone, or is everyone so now blasť and used to UK casualties on operations they simply no longer really care and (b) anyway what are the parameters here of the aid? 3. There would be a possibility that this could badly escalate, and UK will look even further flat footed. 4. UK media pressure and public debate is intense and will increase. 5. Many people feel uneasy about the Iraq war, our responsibility therein, how we left it -maybe a debate would help where we are now. 6. It wouldn't hurt. We always need leadership, guidance, direction,debate - is this not partially the role of Parliament, of our MPs?

Is so called COBRA (you all its just a room really), the people with up to it, to be left the responsibility?

The PM doesn't want to reconvene, not because he minds his holidays disrupted (this is his second at least) but because its a splitter for his backbenchers and he may again look weak (see Syria bombing last). (Britain is weak militarily anyway these recent years and this again this would be an opportunity for mischief from his enemies on all benches).
But its a balancing act for him - the pictures of the dead children, women, innocents are very hard for politicians to deal with.

But I fully concede recalling Parliament may bring nothing useful at all. Just more hot air.
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