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Conservative Party are probably split on the issue.

In todays Telegraph pretty heartrending stories about the plight of the ordinary victims of this colossal failure.
Also, the PM refuses to reconvene UK Parliament, whilst his erstwhile arch rival the Mayor of London and soon to be an MP , advocates much further protective measures for the Kurdish population. He means the UK fighting for them, I think - "do everything in our power". Be interesting if he ever makes it as PM.

It would be an utter tragedy if we did not defend the Kurds - Telegraph

It sort of surprises me that the western intelligence agencies are so caught on the hop by all of this - probably they weren't - they must have been able to spot the signs of this offensive, and warned accordingly, but were possibly simply ignored. More probably that western politicians and leaders have ignored the cues for a variety of reasons - Obama wants to leave a legacy that no combat soldiers are deployed again on his last term, Cameron wants be elected again and another war, on his watch, wont advance that cause. Other Europeans have neither the means or the support to go it alone.
I wonder what Putin makes of all of this? Has he taken a stance? I'm more interested, and tend to actually listen to what he says, more than our own side.I always remember Blair's sickly face when Putin stood alongside him and said there were categorically no weapons of mass destruction within Iraq, pre March 2003. He would know.

Also genuine question, where does everybody with a grudge against a non believer get the high amounts of arms and ammunition to fight these wars anyway? I mean ISIS, Kurds - how do they acquire them? Is it not simpler to eliminate and expose the source, dry out the flow? Pressurize the suppliers? Or is that rocking the boat a bit too much?
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