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You've already put so much in to your chosen career, why start again with all the uncertainty that comes with aviation. Ryanair are the largest employer of new pilots and the chances of being called for interview over 30 are slim.

So the best idea would be to get on a scheme like the ffp or the easyjet mpl. I'd imagine that academically you would be much stronger than most - if not all - your fellow applicants, but there are no guarantees of anything.

Why not carry on with what you're doing and get in to flying for fun, start with a ppl and then see where it takes you, I work at my local flying club and most of the members who fly the more interesting types (sbach's, pitts, harvards, WW1 replica aircraft, tiger moth, spitfire, mustangs etc) all made their money outside of flying.

If you're asking then I'm sure you've already made up your mind, so good luck!
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