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A two bob call.

Crew rest # 1513 –"If these allegations of cocaine use have been made in good faith, that's one thing. If they have been made in accordance with an agenda or with malice, I hope that some natural justice will prevail...but I doubt this will happen."
It always makes me smile – this guy has presumably flown multiple sectors with several other flight crew members; sim instructors; T&C guys: Check Captains, various cabin crew; dealt with engineers, operations, ground staff, passengers etc. been medically examined and passed in house routine DAMP tests; seriously - has no one noticed the pilot (we'll call him Guy) 'has a habit' by now? At face value it's a ludicrous call, but just for the exercise:

Even if 'you' suspected and were reluctant to cause a fuss; there would be a company system to make a report through, a published policy for drug and booze issues to assist Guy; there is also the discreet, but risky, method of a 'chat' with a grown up first. If Guy needs help it's up to you to make sure that help is given, people with a habit rarely make it to 'the other side' without it. There are three conceivable scenarios available here:

1) Someone is frustrated with the lack of response from the company to a documented report through the company SMS (by whatever name) and decided to bring the matter to an outside agency. The motivation is irrelevant to an external inquiry; it is very pertinent to the company and the individual – but not to an investigator. Lets assume it's CASA; the pilot medical – suspended, Guy essentially now on his own hook; but, the damage has only just started. The second victim here will be the credibility of the company SMS, that can lead to other audit areas; which at best are costly, time consuming and expensive – at worst; well Tiger has been there and done that.

2) A personality clash or an upset individual or group has decided to put Guy's weights up, good and proper; there are several well known methods for doing this, the old "Chop ride" is a perennial favourite and has many side benefits; sexual harassment is another tried and tested stalwart of the game; the new ones are the PC card (barked at some one and call them names), etc. But the anonymous 'drink or drugs' wheeze is a doozy. There is a certain satisfactory viciousness to it, it's personal, vindictive, grossly unfair and the screen of anonymity just puts the hat on 'a job well done'. There are individuals who will stoop that low and when questioned, take to the moral high ground like a herd of startled gazelles. Despicable – but a reality.

3) The company system has worked smoothly and correctly; Guy's little problem identified and the company policy has swung into discrete action. This can only be a good thing for all concerned. Which only leaves the 'leak' to be corrected. Though why an individual would take such an action, which can not only damage Guy, but takes a fair bit of shine of the company good name is beyond me...

Either way, it's a lot of unnecessary trouble but it highlights, for me at least, many of the inherent problems the industry has; beginning with CASA generated paranoia ending with natural justice swinging on a very thin thread.

I just hope Guy sorts it all out and can get over it in fairly short order; for everyone's sake. Remember, it may be great fun to watch Christians v Lions from the stand – but it's a very different argument when 'you' are the one in the ring. Think of the rubber necks at a fire, or car crash.

Time expired caller – to extend insert another two bob – Click, burrrrrrr.

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