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You get the government you deserve, America.
In the technical sense, yes. Folks voted. But in the realistic sense, not that easy to say.

Beginning in 2008, the increasingly non-white demographic makeup of the US voting population changed presidential elections forever. The first non-Caucasian candidate created a voting pattern that was largely based along racial lines. Add a little fairy dust and "change you can believe in" nonsense and it was a foregone conclusion.

It is VERY difficult to lose a presidential election when you "own" 35% of the voting electorate before you ever spend one day campaigning. What that meant in 2008 and 2012 is that Obama only had to go out there and "win" votes from 15% of the electorate +1.

And even further pushing the odds in his favor twice, was the demographic monster advantage he had because the largest electoral college states are increasingly becoming non-white populations, and in some cases in many large cities and counties that carry states, it's nearly 100 percent Third World ethnic, Latino or African American.

A self-identifying African American presidential candidate would have to work hard at losing an election based on these demographic realities--not work hard to win it.

He's only got to convince 15% or so of the undecided to come his way. Or when you count all of the white, yellow-dog Democrat voters in the country, he's in by a landslide before he makes one campaign speech!

That's the demographic reality once race became a major factor and it wasn't just a Repub and Dem white guy out there trying to fight for the critical middle moderates with policy and charm.

Did America get the government we deserved? Or the one that was a foregone conclusion the minute campaign policies became obsolete and racial and ethnic demographics became the baseline voting default?

I don't know.

But I do know what the polls said in both elections, because I have friends in the news business who were involved with the dependable, well respected polls. It was a mostly a racial split right on the money. I think something like 90-95 percent of non-white voters voted for him. And I know a lot of white Dems who would rather cut off an ear than vote Repub, even if the Dem is an empty suit nonentity. So there you are.
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