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Which clearly state, you can't have more than 6 on a private flight.
No it doesn't. The operative word is "and" at the end of each alpha point:

(b) the number of persons on the flight, including the operating crew, does not exceed 6; and

(c) no payment is made for the services of the operating crew; and

(d) the persons on the flight, including the operating crew, share equally in the costs of the flight; and

(e) no payment is required for a person on the flight other than a payment under paragraph (d).
Provided the operating crew are not paid, and the persons on the flight do not share costs or pay any costs, you can legally take all your friends flying in your A380, B747 etc.

If you are a commercial pilot I suggest you urgently acquaint yourself with the affect, meaning and intent of the word "and", or the word "or", at the end of conditions which are attached to legislation.

Skydiving is a private operation, not requiring an AOC, but a PA31 with a pilot and 8 jumpers, or a C208 with a pilot and 14 jumpers, should be a commercial operation.
Morally it probably should be, but there are separate legislative provisions which exempt skydiving and delegate the regulation of skydiving to a separate entity.
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