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This line takes you to the regulations about carrying people, which is below

(va) the carriage of persons in accordance with subregulation (7A);

shall be taken to be employed in private operations.
(7A) An aircraft that carries persons on a flight, otherwise than in accordance with a fixed schedule between terminals, is employed in a private operation if:

(a) public notice of the flight has not been given by any form of public advertisement or announcement; and

(b) the number of persons on the flight, including the operating crew, does not exceed 6; and

(c) no payment is made for the services of the operating crew; and

(d) the persons on the flight, including the operating crew, share equally in the costs of the flight; and

(e) no payment is required for a person on the flight other than a payment under paragraph (d).
Lines removed, due to being wrong.

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