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The aviation infra structure needs looking at as well. Having worked at Tulla it's a disgrace. I used to have to walk from Tulla to Airport West to get a tram.
I think it might have been WMk2 or one of the other pilots who remarked that Tulla is "a third world airport in a first world country". Nothing could be more true.

But then airports aren't really interested in airlines. They're more interested in car parks, $8 coffees and duty free. Airlines and their demands for aerobridges, GSE parking and, what?? You want working ground power AND air con on the international bridges?? All this is simply a nuisance to the airport corporations because it's effectively a monopoly in every state: 1 capital city, 1 airport. So the airports have no desire to cater to the airlines because the airlines largely have no choice but to fly there and grit their teeth at paying exorbitant charges for s**t service and facilities.
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