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What is the best path?

Hello all,

Well this will be my frist post, and i hope the first of many's.
I will be the first one (maybe) that comes here and say, my dream is not becoming an airline pilot, but an astronaut, i know its crazy .
So since NASA prefers someone with flying experience, i think i will need to start my trainig in this area.
Right now im at university studing physics in astronomy & astrophysics and almost finishing my course.
SO what i want with this post is someone who can tell me what is the best path to follow.
I already know that exists PPL CPL and ATPL, and the courses are expensive as hell =/

I was thinking to start in PPL at a groundschool, in my country, then start building hours and at the same time studying for ATPL (modular way).

Any suggestions?

PS: I Live in Portugal
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