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Originally Posted by The Old Fat One View Post
Rather than spraff about hypothetical details, why don't chaps in the know enlighten us who have interest but no longer an ear in the bar as to the basic questions....


Will the decision be taken at the next SDSR (late 2015) or is there any reliable scuttlebutt, that somehow it will come sooner?


Aside from the cost of the platform, the entire capability has to be re-established. This will be a significant bite out of the defence budget, so...

Will the defence budget be increased
Or, what capability will be cut to make way for the return of maritime patrol.


Assuming it comes back, who gets it


My answers, not that anybody cares...

not holding my breath, but if it happens...

Late 2015 (hope I'm wrong)
Zero chance of an increase in the defence budget, no idea what will be cut. (hope I'm wrong)
Joint (hope I'm right)

Why does it have to be military?

At the moment Maritime surveillance is carried out very successfully by civilian companies. Why change ?
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