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Many would have thought that the pilots union would be pulling the strings with regards to safety concerns examples being Tripoli Tel Aviv and Nairobi alas weakness is quite evident. Any pilot considering joining must consider promotion prospects are very limited coupled with poor starter rates
Perhaps if you have such grave concerns and are indeed a pilot as you seem to promote, please give the BA security team a call and they will be happy to talk you through how they arrived at their decision to continue operations. It is a risk assessment and no BA pilot would operate there if they were not completely confident in the safety of the flight.
As for promotion prospects, depending on aspirations it looks likely that a LGW shorthaul command will come down to around 8yrs this winter. Perhaps Heathrow is currently circa 15yrs, but it won't take much for this to drop so take whatever is quoted now as pure guess work.
Starting salary for a new joiner will rise to around 65k in sept (inc allowances). I don't think you will find many FO positions with a starting salary of this scale.

As for bid line, yes it will evolve, but the basis of how we bid for work will remain exactly the same (based on seniority).
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