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It's not a flight bag, it is a laptop bag for a traveling salesman!

Since when has a flight bag come with a compartment for your clothes?

And have you tried to get anything out of the "office" compartments while in your seat?

I would have hoped that a serving pilot would have been involved in the selection of this bag, instead it appears that those responsible have never sat in one of our aluminum tubes for 8 hours at a stretch so have no clue as to what makes for a decent flight bag.

What do you carry, as a line pilot? Your licence and test card, a medical paper, a passport and maybe a spare pair of glasses in addition to your sunglasses. Over and above that, the nice to haves include a clipboard and maybe an illicit iPad! Quite frankly, anything bigger than a small laptop bag is overkill. This "flight bag" is not just overkill, it's a downright massacre!

Yes, I have emailed the bosses, I await their reply with a total lack of anticipation.
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