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Some of you will remember I went to the FTDK school of cockpit technology. So it will hardly surprise you that even for PVT ops we have two iPads and my phone!

Next thing is what if you arrive at Your point for approach briefing and there is a page problem in your efb? We had it happen on OzRunways once after diverting to our alternate. Not happy Jan! This was back when we had paper too. Mad scramble through 15kg of paper in turbulence and rain etc.

Solution at present is two iPads running both AvPlan and ozrunways and for the moment still the old Jepp subscription. The Jepp may go in future. I prefer their plates but the overall tool of Avplan and ozrunways beats Jepp hands down.

Redundancy in hardware and software is the go, and this is mainly my suggestion for IFR in PVT ops or any CHTR be it VFR or IFR. If you are PVT VFR you really should not need anything more than one iPad and have it on your phone just in case. It is sub optimal on your phone but it works if you are caught out.

I strongly recommend having both apps as they are both cheap, both excellent products and a good backup for each other.

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