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10min holding fuel until the end of TEMPO validity period only.

58.2.8 The additional fuel required by paras 58.2.4 or 58.2.5 must be carried when the ETA of the aircraft at its destination or alternate falls within the period 30 minutes before the forecast commencement time to 30 minutes after the expected time of cessation of these de- teriorations. If the holding time required by paras 58.2.4 or 58.2.5 extends past 30 minutes after the forecast cessation of these deteriorations, the aircraft need only carry sufficient fuel to hold until 30 minutes after the forecast cessation time.
58.2.9 Due to the continuous weather watch provided by TTF, the 30 min- ute buffers required by paragraphs 58.2.7 and 58.2.8 do not apply. Flights which will be completed within the time of validity of the TTF may be planned wholly with reference to the destination TTF.
The above AIP references should cover it.

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