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Hello Boys and Girls,

I recently failed the IREX (by 2%... darn that tricky wording) with one of my KDR's still having me confused (even after going back over my texts and AIP)

The gist of the problem I have is, when your ETA is during a TEMPO that has the OPR to carry holding fuel (60 min) one can simply hold fuel to the end of the "30 min buffer". e.g. if arriving in the last 10 minutes of the TEMPO validity, then only 40 min holding fuel required.

My question is: if arriving in the last 10 min of a TEMPO in a TTF (no 30 min buffer) is only 10 min holding fuel or full 60 min holding fuel required?

If you have an answer that is explained by AIP / (other) references that would be great!
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