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I appreciate the encouraging replies!
I have been reading A LOT about Maun as well, but it has changed a lot in recent years, and seems to be a waste of time without 500TT. Another small problem is hanging around at the delta probably for months, I can't afford it at the moment, as just the repayment of my CPL loan and rent is at 2500 euros per month.
Also the aviation in my country is pretty much dead, with 13 CPL classmates and not one of us finding a job now over 1.5 years after graduation, even instructing seems to be impossible to find. I was crazy to go integrated and finishing with big debt and only 150TT, and apart from my FI course, all the hours I've gotten is from doing scenic flights with my aero clubs c172. The market is starting to be saturated, and I won't be able to find enough "customers" to reach 300TT this way.
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