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The deep problem, though, is that our civilization has lost the zeal to defend itself against the barbarians, much like Rome.

US military might is one of the last bastions remaining to oppose the onslaught of the Left/Socialism/Communism, and now Islam, but it is shrinking by being sequestered, overtasked, resented by our allies, and its morale is declining.

We have chosen freely and democratically to elect to power leaders who facilitate these symptoms of our surrender and relative decline.

I've always opposed this outcome without much success, desiring and advocating that we adhere to the tenets of the social construct that made us powerful and rich, bolstered by the Constitution, but I lost. That everyone should be equally destitute seems to be the popular consensus.

US efforts to order a world under rule of law and humane constraints have obviously failed, our commitment to those goals earning us some significant degree of derision even amongst those we saw as allies. And I'm afraid that as we check out of the world power game, all bets are off.

If you ask me, the horrors of the 20th century were just a warmup for those familiar winds of war gathering strength today. No one is safe.
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