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CX646 - 09 July 2200Z approx

Can I just say thank you to the chap on the R/T who was providing great entertainment on 120.1 with Calcutta last night.

I thought rule one that we all learned when first flying in that part of the world is that the Indians don't speak to the Bangladeshis and vice versa, as they don't have a landline and that you do your own coordination when getting a new clearance to change level etc.

I think someone summed it up nicely with 'Give it a rest' after he repeatedly demanded to know if the Calcutta controller had coordinated his climb with Dhaka or not and then stated on the R/T that he will be filing an ASR for the lack of coordination. If filing an ASR could cure 43 years of political tension, then the world would be a far better place!

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