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Agree, CEO and the board have, and no doubt never will take any responsibility for their bad decision making!!

However re the 380 and 787, the 787 was 5 years late and then suffered a subsequent grounding once it finally entered service!!
The 787 problems have been far worse than the 380s entry into service!

And the jury is still out on the lithium batteries, with 330 mins ETOPS, would you be comfortable on a 787 say Sydney Johannesburg or Sydney to Santiago?

I believe Qantas were aiming eventually for a simplified fleet of 3 types, 380, 787 and 737, to run both International and Domestic operations.

As great an Aircraft as the 777 is, Qantas needed a wide body that could do several roles, wide body domestic, regional asia and long thin international routes.
The 777 is simply too big in any variant to work domestically, and Qantas is unique in requiring a fleet of wide bodies to operate domestic services.
Very few airlines anywere, run 767/330 flights hourly over a 1.5 hr sector!

So Qantas chose the 787, as unlike the 777, it could do all 3 roles, and if it were not for Boeings problems, the 787/9s would have been in service for several years already!
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