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SgtBundy, I can only echo what others have said and say 'Ask him!' - whilst you still can.

My late grandfather died more than 15 years ago. He never talked about the war, except in vague statements. We were under the impression that he was only a flying instructor, as he claimed, during the war.

Well, recently we came upon a whole heap of documents, photos, medals, and so forth...including his log book. Opening it up was thrilling and also sad. There was the only record, from start to finish, of a man who pre-WW2 had not flown at all, and after enlistment rapidly progressed from a Tiger Moth to Captain of a Lancaster. Several entries indicated that he wasn't just an instructor, he also went on sorties over Germany and was involved in Operation Chowhound (the Allied food drops over Nazi occupied Netherlands during the Dutch famine).

There are so many questions I would have liked to ask him...
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