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Richard III

cerbus also posts as Alconguin Crusader.

cerbus on 17th May 2013
If WKs plane is so super why does he get paid the same as the rest of us? Can't be as super as he thinks and he probably is not as super as he thinks he is either. Typical Big Watch, Small C0ck syndrome.
What else can he pontificate to us about? We are waiting White Knight.
cerbus on the 10th May 2013
I wonder what the soft c0cks like Craggenmore and Wiz think of the screw job we just received from the company. Their silence thinks even they don't mind what just happened.
Alconguin Crusader on 16th June 2014
This is a complete joke and a slap in the face of every decent hard working emirates pilot. I am curious what the limp d1ck$ on this site say though.
Wiz, White Knight and Craggenmore what say you.
Same targets, same lifeless syntax and same vapid prose.
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