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The routes that I can see working long term are ABZ and AMS. They have stood the test of time and must be protected. Invite certain fly by night carriers in and they could risk these two routes which provide long term revenue whereas you pay a certain 189 seater operator, they p-ss off the other other airlines who leave, then said 189 seater leaves too once you stop paying them to fly there and you're left with nothing.

The occasional charter is the only thing that I see working long term without damaging realtionships with T3/KL. They may not be much but they're MMEs Crown Jewels (well, as an airport anyway).

Aircraft are very valuable assets and they must be placed where they not just make money, but make the most amount of money possible. Look at EZY shutting MAD or EMA, or downsizing one base to grow another. Look a the bases FR open then close or downsize. Any idiot can fill a plane but making money from it is a different game.
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