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Nice bitch slapping, girls.

But it does bring up the point:
For a service that pretty much depends on premium passengers to make a profit, how is the A380 going to cover its much higher operating costs on this route? Virtually the only difference in premium seat numbers in the configurations are the 14 P seats, and we all know who will be sitting in those.

As for "The New York Ending Rumour", if the 747 does not go to JFK from LAX, it would just sit on the ground in LAX all day. It's still a hull, whether it is sitting in LAX or going to JFK and back.

Actually, putting the A380 into Dallas has pretty much guaranteed that LAX-JFK will continue for the 747. If it wasn't tasked for DFW, that A380 would be used for the 107/108 SYD-LAX-SYD . This, in turn, would mean that the 15/16 Brisbane 747 would be the only 747 in LAX each morning potentially available to go to JFK.

By flying the A380 to DFW, there are as a consequence still two 747s every day in LAX. The 15/16 and the 107/108. One can go to JFK during the day [either one] and the other can go to maintenance in LAX as required. If not required in maintenance it just sits in the sun soaking up the Southern California rays.

The 747s are rotated through LAX for this very reason, to go into the hangar there. There aren't too many other places they can go for maintenance these days, sadly.

So, in my opinion, you can retire the "JFK is ending" rumour. As for the "back to SFO again rumour" - no chance.

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