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Thanks for your replies!

I understand that it is a very costly venture, and unfortunately I don't have "mummy and daddy"'s money to gamble away. However, in light of this, might just continue to do my masters in business over here as it isn't too costly. That way I'd have somewhat of a good chance to get a good job should I not be able to find a piloting job immediately. What do you think?

Magicmick, I have tried to contact AirX via email, but I received no reply. I might just have to schedule a visit and talk to them face to face. Working with them and training gradually would be a great situation to be in, should it be available.

Cefey, that's what I'm trying to do but as you probably know, sponsorship deals aren't plentiful nowadays and can't really find any that apply to me. I have to disagree with your "let it go" advice though. Postpone it, maybe.... let it go? Never.
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