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Angel Aspiring Pilot need some guidance!

Hey everyone,
This is my first thread on here. Just like most of the people on this forum, my ultimate dream is to finally become an airline pilot. Right now I am studying for my Bachelors degree with Honours in Tourism Studies from the University of Malta and should be finishing next year. However, this is more of a back up just in case my prospective career in piloting doesn't work out.

So, I just wanted to ask for some guidance in achieving all my licenses from people who have actually gone through all the trials and tribulations that accompany the journey to becoming a pilot.

Just like most people, I was contemplating the age old question of " Modular Vs Integrated" , and I think I have opted for the modular route. However the problem is, only having one national airline in Malta (Air Malta, which doesn't employ many pilots being a relatively small airline) , obtaining a job on my own might be more difficult than it is in other countries. Opposed to this, integrated offer aid in obtaining an interview with airlines however are exponentially more expensive (CTC being around 86k STERLING compared to Diamond Aviation school here in Malta offering all licenses for around 70k EUROS in total done modularly). What are your opinions on this?

Also, regarding funding, i would definitely have to take a loan for most (if not all) of the costs. Repayments on this would be over 1k a month I'd imagine. Considering the average starting salary with a degree over here is around 1.3k a month, that seems impossible. Scholarships nowadays are scarce and have been contacting countless airlines and private companies asking about potential sponsorships to no avail. I am telling you all this so as to maybe obtain a bit of insight regarding what all the pilots on this forum did to cope with the payments. Any advice would be IMMENSELY appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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