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It is always a shame to see a great brand 'trashed' like has happened here but the fact is this decline started many years ago before the tenure of the current board, yes the current management seem to have accelerated the decline through some quite stupid ventures but from the moment Australia gave so many flying rights to 3rd party carriers the decline was on.
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Great post Ollie, if we look at what was said from this current lot running the show over the last few years, I think we can see why Qantas is in such a state, they (the management & board) will say anything to avoid the realty of what is really happening in the marketplace, they have got away with it for too long right under the noses of people who should know better. (check video below.) I still believe "brand Qantas" is strong and will survive, but currently "strangled" with this management team who have had their minds on other things for far too long.. they simply forgot to compete... as all other Airlines have to, to survive.. Jetstar Asia should be merged back into the Qantas branding... why spend so much time building a brand that is still small in the Asian marketplace..? Everyone knows Brand "Qantas" in Asia, the Jetstar brand simply has little impact by comparison. (I spend a lot of my time in SE Asia and feel very comfortable in saying this, it's a no brainer AJ, JH)

ASIC will be looking very closely at what and how Elaine has mislead the ASX.
Watch this space?
Sure, and there is plenty of evidence out there for ASIC to see that things are "not quite right".., but I guess they are waiting for someone to do it for them, they appear to have a problem thinking for themselves... my last try, hope someone on here can see where the problems are and do something about it, I think Nick X is getting close, he just needs some help to get it over the line..

None of you at Qantas deserve what has been happening, you have done nothing wrong.

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