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Maybe a last hurrah by "the angry man".
Well, let's hope so.... But the other two who regrettably don't seem to be going anywhere, seem to be hell bent on reassessing everyone in view of this new UK CAA test. I found listening to those three very chilling indeed.

I'm supposedly CVD and have a Class 1 with the usual 'does not meet the visual requirements' endorsement on it, which I've had since 1988 and renewed every year since with no problems. I'm not due for another visit to an ophthalmologist yet. I've renewed it as usual a few weeks ago with no problems as far as the DAME was concerned. He signed me off on the old certificate for the 2 months as usual. However, as he fed all of the information into the computer it spat out an automated letter that said I had not met the visual requirements and needed to visit a CASA ophthalmologist before CASA will renew. I've not had one of those before so I rang Avmed where I eventually was connected to a very helpful and polite lady who seemed to know what she was talking about. She said not to worry about the letter, it's just an automated thing and they know what is going on and will issue the certificate without needing the opthamologists report..... So I took her word, paid my dues on the CASA website but I am still waiting... Is this the end of my flying career? Or just Avmed doing their administrative best?
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