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Dick, a lot here probably don't remember Air Nav Charges as they related to annual use of aircraft. The fuel excise from memory did away with that and many applauded the initiative because it did away with a big cash burden in one hit. I was one who previously had to apply for a historical reduction for my Auster, but even this was a problem.

The problem as I see it today is it is being misused, but this doesn't surprise me with the CAsA. As Maxwell Smart would probably remark, "if it was used for good not evil, GA would prosper instead of becoming extinct".

Why is everybody suffering in aviation today when we allegedly have the world's best regulator and is cashed up to the hilt by a compliant government? They probably ruin $89.9M of aviation business opportunities each year so we can double the amount of outgoings to $179.8M which would be better spent on something other than lining Lawyers pockets and topping up the CAsA trough.

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