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So how many lives have been lost on accidents incurred in the 22 years since the number of Airport Inspectors were cut?
Dick, unless you have access to some kind of shelfware that we don't know about, your comment is flawed. How many incidents, serious ones, have occurred and how many serious latent risks exist right now due to not enough inspectors providing adequate oversight? Anyway, let's not tango as the dance will never end.
But suffice to say, you may have allegedly saved GA $100 million but your offspring at Fort Fumble, since your departure, have cost GA and this country a hell of a lot more. Lack of productivity, regulatory reform, a diminished future for GA, the damage over recent years, the systematic buggery of sole operators up to the larger ones would have cost this country hundreds of millions of dollars.....I don't think that is an exaggeration.
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