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Tis but a drop in the bucket.

Aw, come on folks; give them a break. The notion of cancelling the fuel levy is ridiculous and to ask where a mere bagatelle of $89.9 big ones has disappeared is just rude. Without additional monies in the reptile fund, how could they continue these world class, innovative programs, so essential to industry safety.

Fostering Leadership Innovation Through Excellence Program (FLITE) $0.217 (million).

Growing Leaders to Achieve Safe Skies Program (GLASS) $0.200 (million).

General staff training (provided externally) $0.467 (million).
It's a busy life, the schedule is hectic.

AM. Take a FLITE to Cantberra and have a GLASS or two with all the happy airport operators.

Morning tea.

Karma Sutra study class, to demonstrate there is more than just the missionary position to adopt when dealing with industry.

Lunch – speaker Peter Garrett on speedy delivery of basic risk assessment.

PM. Afternoon tea at the Pink Bat night club; internal basic electrical safety classes, (production of ops manual parts defining how you can safely use the hand drier). Followed by the external training demonstration of modern lap dancing.

No, they're not taking the Mickey Bliss, just ask their expensive NZ PR company.

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