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It's alive!!

Where was it applied;
Supposedly on additional inspectors and various resources, staff training, systems improvements etc etc.

Where is it and:
Who fu#king knows. These guys have so many wabbit holes, hollowed out table legs and dusty cupboards in which to hide things (including taxpayer money) that you have more chance of understanding QF's cooked books than Fort Fumbles finances.

Has casa properly used the money.
That question has to be a wind up? Look up the meaning of 'shonk' and these guys are listed at position number 3, behind Centerlink at number 2 and first place going to Defence! Since when has any malfunctioning government department staffed by bloated buffoons with degrees in lies and deception been managed effectively or properly? A very brief example is $300 million on a 25 year regulatory reform program that hasn't even reached first rung on the ladder? $ Billions on shitbox Collins Class Submarines? $ Billions on school sheds and ceiling batts? Let's just not bother going there. If you want it done right you need to farm it out to the private sector.

CAsA is a joke. But in the end probably no bigger joke than the decades of political masters that are guilty of 'enabling' this outfit. Yes enabling them by sitting on their collective soft white bureaucratic hands and allowing Frankenstein to grow in strength. $89 million dollars was just a 'top up'! It was like sticking a steel rod up old Frankensteins ass and letting a lightning bolt strike it! Indeed that infusion enabled the freak to grow stronger, more powerful, more hybrid.

MM enabling the beast with an $89 million bolt?
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