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Hypothetically thinking, if I were part of any government that had allowed a significant amount of taxpayer funds that were collected, lets say, incorrectly, to chase its own tail between Dept Finance, Treasury, the Regulator and the mail room for years, and end up looking a bit of a budget item embarrassment, I would perhaps announce $100 million to be spent chasing presumably sunken Boeings in the Indian Ocean as an open ended fiscal political gesture of goodwill. That would remove the troublesome $millions from prying eyes. Simple really.

Sick at home today I was subjected to interminable mind numbing advertisements for Industry Super Funds and couldn't stop thinking it could be seen as a union slush fund divesting itself of some cleansed funds prior to a Royal Commission. Either that, or they are not spending their members funds wisely. Why advertise if fund contributors are at work?

Both paranoia's wasting taxpayer funds. But that's only my jaundiced opinion.
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