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Onyx - I know that I have explained this point to you before but you appear to have forgotten again. Airlines exist to make PROFIT for their owners. In order to have a fighting chance of achieving this, each individual aircraft must be deployed such that it can maximise PROFIT. A 'maybe this might work, maybe that might work' strategy is assured financial suicide. Aircraft are hugely expensive assets and that is before operating costs are considered. Small third-level carriers do not have limitless pits of cash to back high-risk punts.

Now look dispassionately at your wishlist and ask yourself two simple questions. Be totally honest. Firstly, would this service make a profit at all? Secondly, if so, does it constitute a superior profit opportunity than deploying the aircraft on any alternative route (between any city-pair)? I suspect that most readers here are capable of discerning the appropriate conclusions despite them not being what they might like them to be.

You may recall that we had a similar discussion on the subject of airline economics some months ago when you were suggesting that Ryanair / Jet2 and the like should establish large-scale operations at DSA and/or HUY. The principles I explained to you back then haven't changed. The assets (aircraft) will gravitate to the most profitable route opportunities. Wherever that takes them. Sentiment and civic pride don't come into the decision. Just profit opportunity. Always profit. Think cash flows, not passenger numbers. Follow the money. That is what any good business will do.
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