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Plenty of info on here about integrated vs modular. A popular opinion (aligned with my own personal opinion) is that if you can get on a tagged integrated scheme then go for it, otherwise you pay a lot less to end up in the same situation by going modular.

I disagree with needing a degree for airline jobs. I can barely think of any in Europe, although it is more often a requirement outside of Europe.

Out of the options you gave, I would do an apprenticeship and then do modular training. Reasons being that an apprenticeship should give good skills, a decent job, decent wage (afterwards anyway) and good experience. Make sure it is something you enjoy as I wouldn't personally pick aircraft engineering unless I thought I would enjoy it. Doing it this way means you can save and start flying training. You may find you want to continue it, you may find you are happy with a PPL for spare time, or you may not want to pursue it at all. If you do pursue it then regardless of the outcome you have something to fall back on.
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