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Its worse. some recent history

W8... re the 380 endo'd Farqwitson.
When the honorable M Hart former ICC found that 3 Tarmac T*rds should be dealt with by the AFP. DAS hissy fit followed, and to cover their arses, (dont larf) the so called "Conduct and Ethics Committee" was flashed up on the screen, a bastard child of the das...headed by TF himself,.

Criminality by the three was corruptly subverted to..breaches of the code of conduct ( NO criminal provisions therein)..admin penalties only. Belt with a wet lettuce leaf etc. Stay in the employ of the taxpayer and keep snuffling the tit.
All good then.

To justify all this I got a letter from this "committee" (sic) by Farkwitson, 4 pages of classic obfuctication, a 'gold standard' of drivel in the Yes Minister line.

And.... TF didnt even have the balls to sign it himself..!! FFS
"Signed by direction..B Calder" read.. under duress ?

Obviously a person of principles and conviction. NOT

CAsA site states that any criminal behaviour WILL be dealt with by the AFP.

That is untrue, It should state MAY BE or NOT if we can help subvert it.

And breaches of State laws?? NO can do because AFP do it !!

What a beautifully concocted let-off. Pass Go and get out of jail free.
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