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Having spent my Service career flying on or supporting Nimrod MR2 operations I always had the upmost confidence that the combined efforts of “Team Kinloss” would put an aircraft on top of a vessel in distress in our SAR AOR in the shortest time possible. Once there they always provided an excellent service.

Having left the RAF 18 months ago, I now find myself sitting off-shore, bobbing around in the blustery and grey North Sea. With the demise of our MR capability I now see the picture from the other side, and I must admit that I now have absolutely no confidence that the same level of service and capability would be provided. (and before anyone says it - I am not suggesting that it is my leaving that has brought about this lack of capability!!)

What a shocking state to find oneself!!

(I know that the primary mission for MR aircraft was not SAR, but seeing as I am not involved with ASW/ASuW/CT or any of the other Military Tasks out here, I thought I’d highlight my views from a self-preservation angle!)
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