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Rhetoric for those as likes it.

Don't know how many have slogged through the Safe Skies (Oct 2013) speeches; but, as we approach the budget and hopefully a little clear political air, I thought it may be time to review the rhetoric from October for comparison against the anticipated results of the WLR.

Actually, some of the speakers were not too bad, considering the back slapping ambience of the whole thing; about what you'd expect. Bit like one of those backwoods tent revivals, where everyone goes home 'feeling groovy'. Anyway FWIW:-

The whole shooting match HERE

The Truss address HERE.

The Mrdak offering HERE. Listen carefully to this fairly short speech.

The Forsyth closing remarks -HERE they are of no practical value, being just to thank the delegates; but, for those who don't know the fellah, it may give you an insight.

I'd hate to see the whole thing slide off the shovel.

Alternatively get a fix
. Your choice of course.
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