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Funny thing is that I understand Kharons cryptic post very clearly

Now, those naughty pesky crop dusters. How dare they speak out against Herr Skull. Have they forgotten that Mr Angry flew big planes, not those silly little prop crop dusters! How dare they! What would they know? (spoken tongue in cheek)

So let me get this correct:
- Several hundred submissions to the wet lettuce review have condemned CAsA, with most so damning that the Government had to urgently bury them from public view. As a tiny example of who thinks CAsA is doing a shite job - The Ag boys, crop dusting and firefighting lads, most of industry, AMROBA, a bunch of Senators and assorted politicians, former CAsA employees, by their own previous admissions the ATsB, and the list continues
- Then you have a DAS who has publicly taken potshots at industry, AMROBA, the Senators, pretty much anybody who has an opinion that differs to his, our Kiwi brothers who are just a stones throw away, several IOS who have confronted him over the years, and even some of his own people!
- Consecutive Senate inquiries into several accidents, aviation safety and standards, and decades long criticism of the actions of a putrid and toxic government department,

Minister Truss, this is YOUR problem. Just like our deteriorating economy, you can't blame the past, the present lays in your hands. Just like the economy, you must act now, decisively, on a scale not seen before.

Minister Truss, if you think you have problems now, just wait until you have three smoking holes on your hands (Please refer to Avipedia, section 11.6 under 'Sunfish/IOS/Ticktock' for a full explanation) and the FAA and ICAO come knocking on your door. One downgrade is all it takes. Then you will really see how an economy can be pissed down the drain in one fell swoop of a pen!

Minister Truss, distinguished guests, children of all ages - TICK TOCK
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