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3 years in the making (& overdue)

On the Senate thread I posted...Right of reply-AMROBA three tiers & the Canuck vote plus PP opinion
...which was followed by a slightly more cryptic......but seemingly jolly post by the Ferryman...

"...Don't fret. The Gobbledock (GD) only exists to serve the cause. Now, safely returned from his sojourn as 'secret agent' (the IOS secret weapon) in Montreal and other 'interesting' places he is quite happy, taking a break at house boat park. Currently; pandering to the needs of his beloved elephant. He did however manage to track the WLR Secretariat on their mind boggling tour of foreign parts. To say they were surprised by the levels of 'operational' ease, communication, mutual trust, the spirit of willing cooperation and the tangible (measurable) safety outcomes, easily achieved between industry and regulator, in meetings, was 'palpable', is an understatement.

Anyway, the BBQ is hot and (thank the gods) MKR is finished so here on the houseboat, all is well. Elephants fed, dogs and horses settling in for yet another quiet-'ish' evening of beer, BBQ and looking at a booking sheet which is; I must say, looking quite healthy. But company policy firmly bars wabbits for transport no discussion. Gas chamber and onto the rhubarb patch; that's our firm, long standing policy (it ain't legal of course, but we do have some influence).

GD and Tidy Bin (laden with angst) simply failed to communicate; it happens even in the most pedantic of cockpits. GD is smiling, waving and; at least in spirit, is very much a part of PPRuNe (Bless it).

So, lest we have the thread locked, on free association grounds that's it. Selah, Toot toot and good night. Endit........Jeez, those snags smell good..."

For the Ferryman to make such a post at this time means...(a) he has some information at his disposal that he (as yet) can't reveal; and (b) he also loves the possible implications of this secret intel for future ferry bookings...

So try to decipher the true message in the "K" post...go on I dare you??

Moving on and before AMROBA slides up the page there was an additional posting on their site which quoted from Chapter 3 of the ICAO Safety Oversight Manual....

At first I could not see the significance of this posting but then the penny dropped (in light of recent troubling events) when I scrolled down to the last two paragraphs..: (my bold)
3.9.7 Accident investigations also play a crucial role in the identification of deficiencies and safety concerns. Safety recommendations can be issued in the course of or at the completion of an investigation. Other essential tools are a mandatory incident reporting system and a voluntary incident reporting system (which shall be non-punitive). The establishment of an accident and incident database and the analysis of the information contained in such a database are means to identify safety concerns; a common taxonomy is essential to allow for the exchange of information between the users of the aviation system worldwide.

3.9.8 An effective resolution of safety issues is highly dependent on the authority vested in the CAA. This critical element can only be successful in situations clearly supported by and linked to the primary aviation legislation and regulations. There should be technical guidance and procedures for both the technical inspectors and the assigned CAA legal personnel. This guidance should be provided early in the programme of safety oversight improvement to avoid inconsistent extremes of actions by CAA personnel.
Again moving on, but while on ICAO, I note that ASA has just quietly slipped in the long awaited revision to the Oz version of AIP Gen 1.7 i.e. notified differences to ICAO SARPs: SUP H18/14

Hmm...happy reading!
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