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On RAF Germany's premier FR squadron....

....when one was declared operational, it was 'traditional' for one to celebrate by flying under the Kiel Canal Bridge in one's mount.

One day, a young squadron pilot (who was famed for his low level flying in later years) who along with a colleague was performing said manoeuvre, was spotted and his serial number reported by the local constabulary.

Squadron CO was summoned to AOC for a boll***ing, only to plead innocence - 'not briefed sir'......An officer from HQ RAFG was sent to investigate this (and many other similar) reported incidents, and reportedly arrived at the bridge just in time to see 4 Venoms do the same trick....

Officer reports back to HQ that if the two Meteor pilots were to be court-martialled, then many other officers in the command should be too.

Said officers were given an AOC's interview and returned to the UK, unscathed.
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