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Angel Slight drift - The three “C”s!

Not Cut, Colour & Clarity, the PelAir debacle is certainly not a crystal clear example of world’s best practice of administering a “just culture” for the betterment of aviation safety. Rather the three “C”s, in our wonderful insular aviation industry, stand for credibility (i.e ATsB/CAsA have none), cringe (worthy) & cynical…

IOS examples of the three “C”s

Cringe worthy

Today there may or may not have been a breakthrough in the search for flight MH370 (reference Plane Talking):MH370 Northern search focus detects possible pulse

However could I suggest (much like with the lack of references to the FF DAS retiring) that it may be an idea if Angus Houston (head of the JACC) & the government drop any references to the ATsBeaker…

Media Release JACC: Media Reporting on Chinese Ship Detection of Electronic Pulse Signals

“..Advice tonight from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is that they cannot verify any connection to the missing aircraft...”


Kharon post #1862:
“…Smoke and mirrors 1. The Dolan response blatantly ignores the easy, pre-arranged tow from 50 meters to 30 meters and presents his argument intimating that the 'dive' is to be conducted in 50 not 30 meters.

Smoke and mirrors 2. Why abandon the project at such a late stage ? the initial funding allocation by made Sangston would more than adequately have covered the cable tow to a 30 meter location and the modest fees charged by the diver; done and dusted…”


Plane Talking - Jetstar incident near Gold Coast important yet not a ‘drama’

“…Let’s see where this inquiry leads, and in the post Pel-Air world of ATSB fumbling and bumbling, cut through to what it means, for better or for worse, and keep an open mind.

The inquiry is not being held for fun. There is a reason for it being launched…”

Ok back to the Truss WLR…
Australian Aviation April 2 2014:
UAV operators submit to safety review

The Australian Certified UAV Operators Association (ACUO) is calling for the current Federal Government Aviation Safety Regulation Review to back a harder line to combat the growing problem of illegal unmanned aircraft operations.

The call comes as the ACUO released its submission to the review in light of a recent reported near-miss incident involving a Westpac rescue helicopter and an unknown UAV operating at 1000ft.

The submission calls for new resourcing to be provided to CASA to deal specifically with illegal UAS operations, and warns that the outlook facing the Australian unmanned aircraft industry has strong parallels with the rise of commercial aviation in Australia during the 1920s and 1930s, where a high rate of incidents included loss of human life.

“Under resourcing of the regulatory and compliance management capacities of CASA is not an option as the unmanned aircraft industry continues its rapid growth in not just Australia, but internationally” said Joe Urli, ACUO President in a statement. “Illegal unmanned aircraft operations are on the rise in Australia and the question of whether they will be a serious safety incident is no longer theoretical given last weeks reported near-miss incident involving a Westpac rescue helicopter flying back to its Newcastle base.”

The full ACUO submission to the review can be downloaded at
Significant quote from ACUO submission (my bold):
“..In 2013 however, CASA announced changes to the way certified UAV Operators would be ‘approved’ for ALL commercial UAV operations outside new ‘default operating privileges’ of:
  •  Day VMC
  •  Below 400ft AGL
  •  Not in Controlled Airspace
  •  Not within 3nm of any aerodrome or helipad
  •  Not over a Populous Area
There were no reasons given by CASA or ASA for these changes, and no activity or incident we are aware of that prompted this change…”

Hmm...a worthy contribution from ACUO…

For Sundy amusement - "Untidy Indeed!"


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