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Cool new to pprune,new to flying,a risky dream?

hello,being a PPRuNe reader for many years,on and off,I decided to join.

since I was a child,before setting foot on one of these wondrous flying machines I would always be amazed at each sight of any aircraft in the sky,then setting foot on a Boeing for the first time to go on holiday,going to RAF cosford,meeting and speaking to pilots,and visiting bobbington airport a fair few times,its safe to say I caught the bug before I sat in a cockpit.

my questions are to you,which will most probably have similar experiences,but have taken the plunge into the world of aviation,what are the chances of gaining a office in the skys,but,is it outweighed by the chance of disappointment.

I have seen a lot of posts on here,of people that have given up,all I seem to see is people aiming for big airline jet vacancy's,I wouldn't mind any job,such as a ag pilot in the us,a water bomber in Australia etc,obviously id love a job with british airways,in a lovely cockpit,but I just love the aviation world.

I dont want to not try and achieve my dream,but I don't want to attempt it,15 years down the line,broke,no job,cant afford to stay current.

the market isn't exactly booming,pilots are not in big demand,but still,I feel I need to attempt this,should I aim for my ppl,see how the market goes while flying for pleasure,gain my cpl then attempt to get a job,or go all out,get my ppl,cpl,aim to get a job instructing,put all of my money into hour building,and get it out of my system.

the problem with option two,is right now i could pay for my ppl,but thats 4 years of saving,so for my cpl id literally have to sacrifice everything to get it done even within 5-6 years.

what did you do?did you wish you had done it differently,and any advice for a newbie?

also if anyone flys from bobbington,or owns an aircraft there and would offer some advice or to help in anyway,it would be appreciated.
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