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What is to become of all the FO's who will stay on their Bases rather than accept a one way ticket to HKG ( where else in the world does that happen) for a Command?
Nothing will happen. It is their choice and they can retire as FOs if they choose.

As we reduce our freighters what will become of all the Captains who can only fly freighters?
This is a very good question. It started in Manchester, with Captains flying in the right seat. Now its all of Europe. Next is probably Sydney, then Vancouver. The cause and effect is a surplus of HK based 747 FOs, which now will get conversion courses to the 777. The poor SO waiting on his JFO for 3-4 years will just have to wait.

What will happen to all the SO's when they try to live with their new wives and developing families on cheapskate housing allowances in a few years time?
I have little pity for someone who has less experience, taking a job at lower COS. Then, later crying that its unfair after the shiny new jet feeling wears off. These SOs are a further testament to the me-me-me, world-snowboarding-tour, I fly a jet attitude, that is driving down the industry. Get a College degree, go pay €30,000 for your ratings, then flight instruct a few years, then beg your way into a turbo-prop job, then when you get a few thousand hours in the left seat and actually are the right stuff and don't even realise it, get a jet job for a few more years. If they did all that, supply and demand would solve the Housing Allowance issue. However, they chose the easy way and that has consequences.


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